Shopping in Town Centre

Offering you the names of the places that you can visit if you want to take back home some of the best souvenirs from Mandalay. Zegyo Market is the most famous market in Mandalay. It is located very near to the city center. The market actually consists of many local street shops and retail stores. It is a major commercial area of Mandalay, where every day a number of vendors and shop owners come together to sell the daily goods. Many of the shopkeepers here depend on this market for their day to day livelihood.

The shops in Zegyo market sell traditionally made items and handicrafts. You will be able to find shops that see Myanmar style furniture, garments and jewelry. There are many small shops that sell original stone jewelry made from precious stones like rubies and pearls. Mandalay is famous for its silver ware, paintings, marble carvings and items made from wood carvings. In total you will be able to find a number of furniture stores, jewelry stores, toy store, gift stores, shoe stores, liquor store, flower shops, sports-related goods store and also a number of other souvenir shops.People in Mandalay love to gift liquor to each other. You can buy a bottle as a gift for anyone you know in Mandalay.

You are advised to bargain for the products before you buy them as most of the shopkeepers tend to ask for more than the actual price.

Some of the main shops  include:
    * Ahr-Yon-Oo Store
    * Alba Store
    * Ar-Thar-Waddy Departmental Store
    * Aung-Tharaphu Store
    * Batik Land Store
    * Camel Store
    * Cannon Store
    * Chan-Mya-Tharzi Departmental Store
    * Coca Store
    * Dar Woos Store
    * Diamond Supermarket
    * Fine Store
    * Fuji Store
    * Gin Tong Store
    * Giordano Store
    * Glory House Fashion Shop
    * Hang Ten Store
    * Harly Store
    * Hi Store
    * Hole In One Golf Store
    * Honey Store
    * Hong-Hong Store
    * Htoo-Aung Store
    * Infinity Fashion Shop

 We provides a number of exciting opportunities to buy some of the best souvenirs to take back home. You actually have to walk on foot and enter the small alleys and side shops to get the best of shopping items in the region.