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Climbing Up Mandalay Hill

Not really hiking but climbing up Mandalay Hill, located at the northeast corner of the city is a good workout. About 235 metres high, the hill gives fantastic views of the city once you are on the top. On the way up, you can also observe many pagodas, monasteries and a huge Buddha image. However, you have to go there barefoot as footwear is not allowed on this religious hill.

The Mandalay Hill, Mandalay is one of the most favorite tourist spots in Mandalay. Several tourists begin sightseeing of Mandalay with the Mandalay Hill, which has historical importance. The city, Mandalay, was named after the Mandalay Hill. The hill is located in the northeastern corner of the city. It has altitude of 236.5 m above the sea level and a height of 167.64 m. Tourist visit the Mandalay Hill for having a panoramic of the city of Mandalay.The dominant geographical structure on the plain of Mandalay is Mandalay Hill which is 790 feet high.The Mandalay Hill is considered as a holy place

Mandalay Hill is easily my preferred vantage point for the area around the former capital city. From the Irawaddy snaking through the land below to the bright, beautiful sun setting against the faint hills in the distance, it is a perfect way to start exploring of Mandalay.

The entrance to the stairway is protected by two Chinthes, huge leogryphs that often guard temples or pagodas in Southeast Asia. The Chinthe is also on the Kyat, Burma’s official currency.

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