Ngapi  is a generic term for pungent pastes made of either fish or shrimp in Myanmar. It is usually made from the fermentation of salted ground fish or shrimp, which is then sun dried. Ngapi is a main ingredient of Lower Burmese cooking, used as a condiment and additive in most dishes. Raw ngapi is not intended for direct consumption.

Ngapi can be distinguised from the type of fish used to make the ngapi. Ngapi can come from whole fish (such as ngapi kaung), from small fish (mhyin ngapi) or from prawns.

Ngapi is a main ingredient of Lower Burmese cuisine from maritime coastal provinces in the west and the south. (It is not a main ingredient in traditional Upper Burmese (Burman, Shan, etc.) cuisines although improved transportation in the modern era has helped increase Ngapi's popularity in Upper Myanmar.) It is used in a wide array of dishes and is itself eaten in myriad ways: ngapi can be eaten as a condiment in its own right, such as baked or roasted ngapi, as a watery preparation called ngapi yay, as a salad, as a pounded mixture with chili, or fried like Balachaung. It is also used as a soup base and in main dishes.

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