Meeshay is a Burmese dish of rice noodles mixed with meat sauce. It is a specialty of the Shan people of Eastern Myanmar. Regional variants exist but two main types, the normal meeshay and the Mandalay version, are the most popular.The meat sauce is mainly made with pork and/or chicken. All forms of Meeshay are accompanied by Mohnyin tjin and clear soup usually of chicken stock with spring onions.

Although a distincitly Shan dish, meeshay is popular in the major towns across Myanmar . Special restaurant chains devoted to Shan dishes are popular in Yangon where meeshay is one of the top choices amongst customers.

Meeshay and other Shan dishes, rich and comparatively bland (without the optional chili flakes) due to the Highland culture of the Shan people, are seen as novelty food for typical city and town dwellers, as they present a deviation from typical Burmese cuisine dishes. It is a popular breakfast, brunch and light lunch option for many folks in Myanmar's cities and towns

Mandalay Meeshay uses medium rice noodles and has a thicker, oilier meat sauce. Toasted chickpea flour is added to give a thicker mixture. It is garnished with blanched bean sprouts and crisp fried garlic.

As the name suggests, the dish is a regional variation from Mandalay, Myanmar's second largest city with a rich Shan cultural influence.
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