Eatting In Town Center

Mandalay, both due to its history as a former capital of Myanmar, and its position as a major trading centre between Myanmar and it's neighbours in China, India and Bangladesh has a notable array of specialties both from various regions within Myanmar as well as from other countries. Cuisine from the Shan State (usually including fermented pastes, vegetables, and meats) is popular in Mandalay which has a notable Shan minority.

Marie Min Vegetarian Restaurant
The LP says "a godsend for travellers". This is true. Everything from curries to yogurts to pancakes with chocolate is available. It's clean and the manager (Richard) is a fantastic guy. He knows all the latest news about travelling in the country. He has menus in 10 different languages. The meals are also very cheap, around 30 cents.
Type:    Vegetarian

The BBB has excellent European food. The steak with mushrooms (the N-steak), 2 US$, has become famous on the Asia trail. The coconut fish is even better (7/99). Most of the visitors recommend that restaurant, because it is in the downtown and right in a location, ,just near the moat, from where you can plan your trip for the day.
Type:    European

Honey Garden

The honey Garden has one of the best Chinese kitchens in Myanmar, especially the tofu.
Type:    Chinese

Thai Yai
Thai Yai restaurant is located on 84th south and 23rd street and it's good for cheap chicken, salad and noodles.

Nay Cafee

Add :Corner 82th & 27th Street
Open 5-9pm. Fabulous fresh cooked chapatis with veg and meat curries. Dirt cheap but delicious food served at low tables on the pavement at the corner of 27th and 82nd streets.

Mann Restaurant
Add: 83rd Street (Between 25th & 26th Streets).
A Chinese restaurant, frequented by locals, but not so much by foreigners. Has a number of basic Chinese meals, at around 2000k a plate. Easily recognised from the street by the abundant yellow and black advertising for a local whisky brand. (They do sell beer and alcohol here too, Myanmar Beer at 1500k a bottle compared to 2000k in Yangon.)

Too Too Myanmar Cuisine
Add: 28th Street (Between 74th & 75th Streets).
Supposedly has the best Burmese food in whole Mandalay.

 Street Pancakes
Add: 81st & 26th (enter unmarked alley going west, next to Myawaddy Bank).
In the southwest block of 81st & 26th streets, enter the unmarked alley besides the Myawaddy Bank during the afternoon to find a pleasant indian lady making savoury and sweet street pancakes in a cast iron frying pan in front of her house. Cheap, delicious, and pleasant company.

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越南- 這個融合了東方神秘色彩和法國浪漫風情的國家。每年數以百萬的遊客從全球各地來越南旅遊,我們擁有從東方千年文華的古老皇城到西方百年曆史的天主教堂,從殘酷的戰爭博物館到祥和的佛塔,.. 越南越走越美