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Rupar Mandalar Resort Location: Town Centre

A-15, Corner Of 53rd & 30th Street - See Map
Rupar Mandalar is a romantic in hotel in exotic atmosphere. It s in nature with a touch of culture. We have 16 rooms. A modern facilities and sight full of swimming pool large tennis court, health ... View More
$ 120

Sedona Hotel Mandalay Location: Town Centre

1Junction Of 26th &66th Street - See Map
Nestled on four acres of landscaped gardens,Sedona Hotel Mandalay is ideally located in the heart of the city and faces the majestic Royal Palace and Mandalay Hill - sights that are a pleasure to ... View More
$ 140
Chinatown hotel 5 star
Beach Nha Trang Vietnam - Escape to a highland paradise of Nha Trang city where swaying pine trees and lush greenery meet the shimmering waters of the beautiful Lakes.