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Pwe Kauk Falls

Pwe-kauk or B.E water-fall is the oldest one and the closet fall from Pyin-Oo-Lwin. The nature was such a beautiful scenery and the environs were so tranquil in imaginative phenomenon covered with beautiful wild-flowers, cultivated plantations and gardens in fantastic beauty.

Known as Hampshire Falls in British times. Not much to look at by the standards of falls elsewhere but they are a popular picnic spot and seeing Burmese families picnicking and enjoying themselves is the main reason to go. A precarious bridge crosses the stream and disappears into a fig tree.

The falls are on the way to Lashio so you'll need to hire a taxi but, if you want to save money, hang around long enough at the Lashio taxi stand and you'll find a share (share taxis to the falls wait for you and bring you back). A one hour hike from the falls (take a guide, it is easy to get lost) gets you to the natural caves of U Naung Gu where you'll find several Buddhas.

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