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Nan Myint Watch Tower

There is the Nan-myint or look out tower (Watch Tower), a square campanile of fine masonary. this is the only monument of palace buildings at ancient Inn-wa. The top most of that tower could be accessed through the three steps of stair. It is, still, the major visiting site.

It holds not a clock but a large drum beaten to mark the hours according to the Myanmar clock, which is no longer used. It gives a wonderful view of the palace grounds.

The watch tower which is about 90 feet (30 m) high is a solitary masonry building that remains of Bagyidaw's palace built in 1822. Owing to the earthquake of 1838, only the lower part was left but it was restored as its original structure. The watch tower is one of the examples of Myanmar architectural style of early 19th century.
越南- 這個融合了東方神秘色彩和法國浪漫風情的國家。每年數以百萬的遊客從全球各地來越南旅遊,我們擁有從東方千年文華的古老皇城到西方百年曆史的天主教堂,從殘酷的戰爭博物館到祥和的佛塔,.. 越南越走越美