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Maha Aungmye Bonzan monastery

The next visiting site is called Maha Aungmyaybonzan monastery known as brick monastery of Menu. Its architecture is in simulation of wooden monasteries with multiple roofs and a prayer-hall of seven-tiered superstructure. In design and decoration, the brick monastery is an imitation of wooden architecture. The prayer-hall or Kyaung-U. Pyathat is crowned by a seven-tiered spire and represented to the royalty while the main hall or Saungma is topped Zatawun Hall.

The Maha Aung Mye Bonzan, well known as Me Nu Oak-kyaung (Brick Monastery), was built in 1822 by Nanmadaw Me Nu, Chief Queen of King Bagyidaw, for the royal abbot Nyaunggan Sayardaw U Po, then offered to the 2nd Nyaunggan Sayardaw U Bok. I was also damaged by the earthquake of 1838 but was repaired in 1873 by Sinphyumashin, the daughter of Me Nu and a queen of King Mindon. This monastery is one of the finest specimens of Myanmar architecture during the Konbaung Period (19th century). Its architecture is in simulation of wooden monasteries with multiple roofs and a prayer hall of seven-tiered superstructure.

The grand brick monastery with its admirable architecture and fine stucco-carving is still sharing the breath-taking beauty. This monastery is completely erected of find teak-woods and in the traditional monastic architecture. known as Bagaya monastery. The floor is lifted by large teak-posts and corridor with balustrades then crowned by spiral roofs. The decoration of flora designs and fauna forms, especially peacock and leograph figures are richly carved most of the parts of the building beautifully.
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