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Hsinbyume Paya

After descending Mingun Paya, you’ll want to walk a few meters north to the seven-terraced, circular white temple known as Hsinbyume Paya, with its monsters, niches, and shrines.  South of Mingun Paya, don’t miss Pondaw Paya, a five meter-high working model of what Mingun Paya was supposed to look like, when finished.

Also know as Myatheindan, and built by Myanmar king Bagyidaw in 1816, there years before he succeded Myanmar Burma Bodawpaya as king, this Myanmar stupa was constructed in memory of his senior wife, the Hsinbyume princess. It is built as a representation of the Sulamani Paya, which according to the Buddhist plan of the cosmos, stands atop Mt Meru (the mountain that stands at the centre of the universe).

The seven white washed wavy terraces around the stupa represent the seven mountain rages around Mt Meru, while the five kinds of Mythical monsters can be found in inches on each terrace level. This structure was also badly damaged in the 1838 quake, but Myanmar king Mindon had it restored in 1874 in Myanmar (Burma).
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