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Golden Palace Monastery

Close to the Atumashi Kyaung stands the Shwenandaw Kyaung meaning "Golden Palace Monastery".

This monastery is of great interest not only as a fine example of a traditional Myanmar wooden monastery, but as a fragile reminder of the old Mandalay Fort.At one time this building was part of the palace complex and was used as an apartment by King Mindon and his chief queen, and it was in this building that he died. After Mindon's death, King Thibaw Min had the building dismantled and reassembled on its present site in 1880 as a monastery.

Some of the outer carvings have been prised off and removed being damaged by the weather. Inside the monastery, there are 10 jataka scenes taken from the Buddha's life. These are still in a very good condition.

It was built by King Mindon in the 19th century. It is known for its teak carvings of Buddhist myths, which adorn its walls and roofs. The monastery is built in the traditional Burmese architectural style. King Mindon Min died on this building. King Thibaw Min, son of King Mindon moved this building from the palace to its current location. It is said that Thibaw used the building for meditation, and the couch on which he sat can still be seen.

Shwenandaw Monastery is the single remaining major structure of the original wooden Royal Palace today.

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