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Mandalay Weather

Mandalay is much hotter and drier than Yangon to the south. During the peak of the wet season in May and June, the total rainfall is only about a quarter of the rain that Yangon receives.

Although temperatures in the hot season from March to May can be quite warm, in the cool season from December to February, night-time temperatures can be downright cold. You should definitely bring a jacket or sweater for evening wear.

Mandalay’s climate is tropical, and features three quite distinct seasons. The months from November to February constitute the winter season, which is characterised by cool, dry weather. Following this period of relatively cool weather, temperatures climb from warm to hot during the months of March to May. The humid and often wet monsoon season follows from late May through October: this is the time of the heaviest rains, although the sun comes out for extended periods on most days.

Daytime temperatures average at 30°C throughout the year and drop slightly at night-time. The lowest temperatures are experienced during the cool season, when temperatures average at 25°C, sometimes dropping as low as 15°C. In the summer, it’s not unusual for temperatures to range from 35 to 40°C.

The best time of year to visit Mandalay is during the winter months, when the weather is most favourable and you can enjoy time outdoors. The winter is also the time when most festivals are held, giving visitors the opportunity to observe Burmese cultural traditions first-hand.
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