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Mandalay Economy

Mandalay is the major trading and communications center for northern and central Burma. 

Much of Burmese external trade to China and India goes through Mandalay. Among the leading traditional industries are silk weaving, tapestry, jade cutting and polishing, stone and wood carving, making marble and bronze Buddha images, temple ornaments and paraphernalia, the working of gold leaves and of silver, the manufacture of matches, brewing and distilling.

Due to its strategically favorable situation at the transit traffic passage between southChina and that Indian ocean the meaning of the city was continued to strengthen as important economic center of Burma. The influx of Chinese buyers changed the audience composition of the urban population clearly since the last years.

Beside the cultivation of Rice in the fruitful level around Mandalay different crafts enterprises coin/shape (among other things production of Gold foil, Puppets- Dolls, Paper screens, Silksweaving mill) and that Tourism the economic life of the city.

A converted Rhine ship operated as swimming luxury lodging under the name “The Road ton of Mandalay” between Mandalay and Rangoon.
Mandalay applies until today as the actual center of Burmese culture.